Saturday, April 1, 2017

LUMIPro 2017 Version 2 beta

I'm doing a maintenance release of LUMIPro to cover some issues some customers as well as I found.  Hopefully these are useful improvements for everyone.

As always, the purpose of the beta program is to identify issues with a broader testing base.  Thank you for offering to help!!

You can get the 2017 version 2 hud as a beta at the lumipro headquarters

Please submit your bugs through pressing the help->Support button.

thank you all so much!!

Change list (in no particular order)
  1. options->rez backup server looking for 2016 backup server
  2. Saving a scene removes the old scene name
  3. Clicking a sitball no longer resets location
  4. Cycling the power button no longer shows the balls and preserves alpha
  5. Large pose file names now shows better on the display menus
  6. Pixel cleanup on the sliders
  7. Deleting a single pose no longer resets to the top of the list
  8. Scene checks animation exists and issues pop-up if not vs throwing a script error
  9. Sit ball joystick in/out no longer moves the projector
  10. Projector menu now added to final LCD location
  11. Wearing the backup server no longer displays yellow text on a teleport
  12. Cataloging will stop if close to memory full
  13. Pressing the animation stop button doesn’t request an animation unless there are outstanding poses
  14. Attempted to reduce texture sizes to prevent slow performance message (still there sadly)
  15. After filing all 10 models the HUD gracefully is full
  16. Scene restore of a camera only position no longer does an eye animation request to the model.
  17. Delete All now works with pose filters (example: you can now delete all poses with the word “SIT” in them.
  18. Faster post catalog reset with a large number of animations
  19. New feature:  You can transfer a scene to a friend with a LUMIPro
  20. Now you can type “YES!” to deleting an animation and you won’t be asked each time
  21. The joystick now selects projector when selecting the black ball on the color menu (convenience)
  22. help notecard updated
  23. change server updates to the new release (won’t work on beta, ignore the update message)

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