Sunday, April 15, 2018

LUMIPro 2018 Beta

Thank you beta testers!   I mean seriously, THANK YOU!  There is so much about Linden's scripting language that somehow seems to behave differently with me and it seems that no how much testing I do with an alt, it just doesn't tend to find all the bugs.  It is you guys that help make LUMIPro one of the more solid scripted HUDS on SL.   Again, did I say thank you!?

I'm not expending 6-7 betas like I did a couple years ago getting the scene system together.  That was painful.  It was because it touched so much of the overall code.  This time the changes were mostly centered in the color scripts and since I  did some planning a couple years ago, the scene system didn't need any changes to support the customer colors.

So what is this beta about?  Is about color!  I found myself and had other people say the same, that they had certain "signature colors" that they tended to use as their go-to colors when they did work.  There wasn't an easy way to revive a prior favorite color except through the scene system.  Now there is a "save" button on the color flyout and a new category of colors exists called "favorites".  You can name your color and the color propagates through the scene and backup systems.

Due to memory constraints, you can save about 35-50 favorite colors, but do people really have more favorite colors than that?  lol

As far as best testing goes, please watch the briefing video below.  If you find a bug or have some basic feedback on the look and feel or things are not obvious please submit your bug to here.

The beta1 window is scheduled for 2 weeks and we'll then give you an update and let you know.  check back to this blog for more details. We would also like to ask if you are a blogger please feel free to discuss the new features, but please keep the bugs you find during beta for the submission form. You guys are amazing!

Thank you

be sure to watch the video full screen and ensure its set to HD 1080p

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  1. My sl Name is Brit Zeminoba it looks great Stefan and Samantha